Wearable Tech We All Crave in 2020

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Jumping into 2020, wearable tech has become smarter than ever and unlike their clunky precedents, wearables flocking the market these days are way more sleek and stylish.

When it comes to judging a wearable tech, we don’t just look at the battery life and its functionalities, but we also take into consideration its minimalist appearances, seamless and well-designed options, and its suitability for our appearance.

So here are some of the best wearables in 2020 that will appeal to your fashionable self, and simultaneously fulfill your tech cravings: 

If anyone can combine traditional design with modern features, then it’s Withings. If you are fond of conventionally elegant timepieces with analog dials along with fitness and sleep tracking features, then go for ScanWatch. 

The subtle and discreet round digital screen displays your heart rate and sleep data. The PPG sensor can passively check for irregular heartbeats, track heart arrhythmias (AFib) on command, and scan for sleep apnea. The data is then directly transmitted to Withing’s smartphone app.

wearable tech watches

Image Source: Withings

One of the premium wearable techs on the menu, the Apple Watch 5 isn’t much different than its predecessor, Apple Watch 4, save for its gigantic storage space, always-on display, and a compass.

The Apple Watch has a spectacularly streamlined call option for users, so when you have to immediately contact someone or a brand such as a Spectrum Customer Service Cleveland in case your internet stopped working you can right from your smartwatch. Now with more cellular support in Watch 5, you can easily make calls to emergency services almost anywhere in the world. 

If you want to acquire iOS supported smartwatch at a reasonable price-point, then Apple Watch 3 would be a palatable alternative too. 

The sporty smartwatch doesn’t only come with fitness tracking features and four-day battery life, but a pirouetting bezel with sophisticated silver and black design that lets you navigate around the menu with ease.

However, where the Samsung smartwatch spearheads athletic style, it falls behind in terms of technical features as the watch does not support third-party apps such as WhatsApp, Google Maps, or Messenger.

samsung watch
Image Source: Samsung

When Apple introduced Airpods in 2016, it once again spiraled the tech world with its bleeding-edge innovation, and this time with hearable. 

Released in 2019, the AirPods Pro is a vast improvement on the original ones and has their active noise canceling game going great. The pressure sensitivity of the stem makes up an incredible user interface.

They even come in three different sizes, making the sound better due to its perfect fit. The most noticeable development can be seen in its design, which is shorter stemmed and thicker, hence, giving it a more discreet look. The sealed ear canal in the newer model makes for better sound quality. 

Google Glass and VUZIX M100 may have made eyewear smarter with smartphone-like capabilities, but their clunky design was not conducive to its popularity

Focals by North succeeded where others lagged, the sleek custom-made glasses have a display that only you can view. While the company may have halted production of its first-generation Focals, its second generation is expected to be shipped in 2020.

North has confirmed that the Focals 2.0 will be 40% sleeker and lighter with a high-resolution display. How sharper the second generation will be is yet to be seen in the coming months, but they’d nonetheless be an improvement on its antecedent, which was already quite ahead in the smart eyewear race.

focals by north
Image Source: North

Key Takeaway

Tech and fashion brands have been individually aiming to make wearable tech increasingly appealing to consumers. Many are still not clear over whether these wearables are fitness tools, tech hardware, or mere fashion accessories

For this market to grow, both entities are required to work together to create seamlessly complementing wearables that satisfy their consumers’ love for fashion and smart life both and we have been seeing some great progress in 2020. 

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