Classic Cars – 8 Vintage Vehicles To Fall In Love With

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Classic cars are the stuff of legend. If you’re crazy for cars then you’ve got to the right place. We’ve compiled some of the most beautifully classic cars to admire, and if you’re lucky enough to have enough dollars in the bank, maybe even purchase. Check out some of our favorite cars from the last century below. 

Ford Fairlane

An American classic, the Ford Fairlane was first debuted in 1955. It’s a pretty large car that has a number of models under its wider umbrella name. The convertible was particularly popular as it has roomy seating with a hard retractable roof, one of the most in fashion styles at the time. another popular model was the 1967 GTA version, with V-8 engines that made it a stunning muscle car back, based on its original Nascar racer from earlier years. On the lower end of the budget for a classic car, a Fairlane is a beautiful vehicle that is relatively easy to restore if you do find one pop-up for sale.

BMW 2002

Despite its name, the 2002 was actually built and sold in the early 60s. A compact sedan, the car heralded a new era for BMW and is still recognized as one of the best classics from the brand. A luxury vehicle with fuel injected tech that also suited families, the 2002 was a popular choice for anyone who could afford it. BMW still leans on some of its features in its newer cars today.

A Mini Cooper

What screams swinging 60s more than a Mini? At only 10 feet long, this compact classic is light and agile with little wheels that moved surprisingly fast for its size. The Mini was a complete contrast to the large, longer models around at the time and gained popularity in London where it was the vehicle of choice for celebrities, artists, and models. Minis have been given a revamp for the current times, with a newer larger body more suitable for modern living, but the 60s version will always remain a classic.

Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray

Cool by name, cool by nature, the Sting Ray is a sporty little number. With an ultra-light body that offered 360 horsepower, one of the first cars of the 60s that offered such high speeds with sleek bodywork. The 1963 C2 version came as a convertible or a coupe and felt like a Ferrari to drive. The C2 and 1967 models can still be found for sale, but expect to pay a pretty penny.

Volkswagen Golf

Whilst it might not be the most luxurious on the list, the Golf is a bread and butter car that has evolved into the newer models we see today. Volkswagen combined a great runner with a good price point which helped catapult it to popularity in the 70s. Any car fanatic will be able to tell you how enjoyable it is to drive and that was also true back in the day. Despite not being super glamorous, the Golf is a faithful classic.

Porsche 930/911 Turbo

Porsche has produced some beautiful cars over the years, but the 1975’s 930 is a classic winner all around. With race car technology, the turbo engine was the fastest of all time in Germany back in the mid-70s and its speed is still impressive to this day. It also carries the classic whale tail, an iconic feature that gives the car its cool, sporty aesthetic.

Ferrari Testarossa

You can’t have a classic car list without a Ferrari and the Testarossa is one of the finest around. The pop-up headlights were awe-inspiring in the 80s and spawned dozens of look-alikes from lesser models. Its 12-cylinder engine sounded as good as it looked and enabled petrol-heads to roar through Europe, showing off their classic Ferrari red cars. If you’d love to own a little slice of history, mint condition models will set you back around $200,000.

McLaren F1

A sexy supercar that is also roadworthy, what’s not to love. The F1 drives like a dream and was designed by Gordon Murray, the brainchild behind McLaren’s Formula 1 success in the early 90s. it also boasts an unusual 3 seats, meaning there’s room for a little one, so you can take your pals out on the road with you to enjoy the drive. With a BMW engine, the car hits top speeds of over 200 MPH, making it fast as hell.

Which of these classic cars would you love to add to your collection? Share in the comments!

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