3 Fun Facts About Solar Energy You Probably Didn’t Know

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Are you new to solar energy?

About 39% of the world’s energy comes from burning oil and fossil fuels. It created a demand for oil exports as our consumption continues to rise.

However, oil as an energy source is not sustainable. It’s why finding an alternative becomes a priority. 

The alternative is solar power energy since it’s effective in lowering oil use. Today, many cities and homes use solar power for energy efficiency. 

If you’re thinking of switching to solar energy, here are three facts you need to know. Read about interesting ways of using solar energy. 

1. Advanced Solar Power Technology 

Solar energy relies on solar panels to collect and convert energy. The common concern is if they’re not exposed to the sun, they can’t produce energy. Today, solar technology advances mean direct exposure is not necessary to produce energy. 

Solar power can convert different rays of the sun even on a cloudy day. These solar power systems combine indirect and direct sunlight to continue to producing power for your home. 

These technological advancements make solar energy one of the best renewable energy sources in the world. It makes your switch to solar energy in your home worth the effort and money, while making you feel good about helping the environment. 

2. Solar-Powered Travel 

Today, more people are using electric-powered cars. Nowadays, the technology involved in solar energy makes it more efficient for various EV models. It helps them cover more mileage since you can use portable panels to charge them on the road. 

In 2009, the Swiss introduced Solar Impulse, a form of solar-powered travel. It’s an experimental aircraft designed to use solar energy. The project was a success and in 2016, Solar Impulse 2 completed 14 months and 550 hours of travel.

We can expect a future where our means of transportation is solar powered. With solar-powered vehicles, our reliance on unsustainable energy sources becomes lower.

3. The Most Abundant Energy Source

In the far future, we’re certain to deplete our energy sources. It’s one of the primary advantages of solar energy over fossil fuels. It’s the most abundant energy source around.

Every day, about 170,000 terawatts worth of solar energy hits the planet continuously. 

It’s enough to power cities with more than enough energy to spare. It does more to match your energy needs, even if you have lots of appliances or other electrical devices. 

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Use Solar Energy on Your Home Today!

Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing industries. It allows you to expect a better future since the energy is sustainable. It can help improve your daily life and the environment. 

Now that you know three facts about solar energy, don’t stop there.

There’s more to learn about solar power. Check out our other articles and gain more valuable information.

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