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Top 10 Best Torrent Sites like Seventorrents For Free Torrents Download

Top 10 Best Torrent Sites like Seventorrents For Free Torrents Download

Who doesn’t like watching movies with a full theatrical experience right at their very own crib? Of course I do and you too, right?! Surprisingly, all this is possible due to the hundreds and thousands of films available with .torrent extensions on the internet. Not only that, but you can also get along with a variety of torrent download softwares as well together with offers and options you can go with. The Seven Torrents Free Movies Download experience has been a ‘worthwhile user experience’ in this regard.

SevenTorrents was keeping the momentum going with becoming one of the best platforms available online for downloading movies via torrent files. It actively kept the best torrent service alive as long as it was effectively functioning without any website glitches or any legal issues. But now, the service has become inaccessible for most users residing in different countries since government has started crackdown against SevenTorrents and banning similar sites to it.

But don’t you worry at all since we’ll tell you the best alternatives to SevenTorrents High Quality Movies download. Here are the best alternatives to SevenTorrents where you can find a vast range of assortment of entertainment assets ranging from movies, television dramas & shows, PC videogames, and a lot more.

The Pirate Bay –

Pirate bay torrents are probably the biggest competitors of all times when it comes to downloading your favorite movies, TV dramas and epic shows, PC games, documentaries, e-books, etc. This platform could easily be entitles as the central hub for downloading your great selections for online content available out there.

The Pirate Bay torrent website was launched in 2003 and was originally founded in Sweden, Thus, it was one of the most popular European torrent domains ever to be created. Millions of people visit this website on a daily basis throughout the world, making it the most favorable platform where you can download your favorite digital content without any stress for getting into trouble. Nonetheless, caution is advised as per national grounds cyberspace ruling.

Disappointedly, there have been several lawsuits against the website by big entertainment firms such as the Motion Picture Association of America as well as a few other legal encounters. Well, we could easily state that it was relatively all due to its attention-grabbing reputation amongst torrent downloading freaks. The site has been blocked in many countries like Denmark, Greece, Germany, and Ireland yet it enjoys unprecedented popularity to forward and provide amazing torrent indexing services.

YIFY Torrent –,,, etc.

At YIFY – Torrents you are guaranteed you’re getting a competition against Seventorrents. This place is full of HD quality movies you can download easily from homes, offices, etc. It was the 5th most popular torrent downloading website as of 2014 and still grows attention and users to this date for its amazing digital downloadable content and easy-to-handle functionalities.

Kickass Torrents –,

At our third spot comes the Kickass torrents, which is directly the most dedicated online server for torrents, ruling just besides The Pirate Bay. This is a wide-reaching global magnet links platform which features plentiful categories to search your favorite content to download. The best part for this place is that it offers you both .torrents and magnet files for P2P sharing exclusively via BitTorrent protocols. You should try this ASAP!


This torrent website was created in 2008 and is still being listed as one of the most popular sites to download your movie torrents from. It uses the domain extension .to from you can download your favorite entertainment files existing in the biggest torrent-domain world.

This site is well-known for its P2P file sharing since it even had an elongated URL domain address in the past comprising a .P2P extension at the end. RARBG is one of the best places to exchange torrent files and it also promotes the utilization of the most popular torrent file downloader software out there i.e. uTorrent client. Overall, it’s an amazing platform for those searching for a genuine Seventorrents best alternative.

Additionally, the RARBG torrent site offers you premium add-ons as well that can be used for improving your uTorrent + Firefox torrent files download process. And you cannot just deny how user-friendly this site really is i.e. it first recommends visitors to watch a short video clip regarding how torrent file works on its website, thus assisting users to employ the right clicks on the page looking for deep-internet searched .torrent files.

A few trending movies at RARBG – A Ghost Story (2017), The Book of Henry, Annabelle: Creation, Transformers: The Last Knight.

1337x –

Going with a designation of numerals yet gaining a lot of attention by visitors looking for the best torrent files download. 1337x is a website that offer you a colossal directory of downloadable torrent files and abundant magnet links accessible for peer-to-peer file sharingfiles ‘sharing via BitTorrent protocol. This one easily beats the likes of Seven Torrent, since it’s a great alternative to it. Besides, 1337x was the third most popular torrents websites as of 2018, according to a TorrentFreak news article.

This torrent website is encompassed with hundreds and thousands of entertainment stuff and has a lot of potential to become one of the most popular torrent search engines very soon. 1337x was founded in 2007 and became a “MVP” online platform for downloading your favorite films, television shows & dramas, PC Games, ebooks, so on and so forth. You should also keep note that this ultimate torrent terrain was the decisive ground-factor that well contested against the likes of Kickass Torrents, Pirate Bay as well as ISO Hunt.

“The 1337x website was transmuted from its older .pl domain to .to in order to probably avoid Google obstructionamid not showing results on Google’s search page.”

“The best alternative to 1337x is RarBG torrent tracker”since it’s ideal for P2P file-sharing.

ISO Hunt –

One of the biggest and oldest storage archives of free downloadable entertainment stuff. ISO hunt was a great library to get yourselves the ultimate access for online torrent files index, letting you surf and browse movies, dramas, ebooks, softwares, etc., catalogues effortlessly.

This place was a dwelling ground for old-school geeks looking for exclusive footage videos to some of the greatest television shows ever recorded. Regretfully, the website was shut down amid MPAA’s legal action in October 2013; by the end of October 2013 though, there were two sites with digital video content seeminglycopied from the servers, according to many media reports. One of them— became a memorandumsubstitute to the original site.

Nonetheless, ISO Hunt still lives today in the cyberspace with its torrent files breathing life through plentiful mirroring torrent websites using the best digital collections that were once owned by ISO hunt legal websites. Not to forget, that this was Seventorrents one greatest thought competitor that lost its users over legal lawsuits, going through irregular URL fixes, irresponsive updates, glitches on webpage, etc.

Astonishingly, ISO Hunt is still a replaceable movie downloads platform where you can get an all-inclusive archive to your favorite digital entertainment mediums. It was founded in 2003 and crossed the ‘petabyte’ torrents capacity in 2008, and escalating for a huge size of more than 14 petabytes as of June, 2012.

Lime Torrents –

Looking for a basic and simple straightforward place to download torrents without any glitches coming your way? Then you should be trying using Lime Torrents instead of acting like a crybaby for Seventorrents. is an incredible destination for downloading your top selections for movies, documentaries, TV Shows & dramas, and a lot more. It’s the ultimate place that if you try it once it might be possible that you’ll won’t be willing to switch to another torrent website ever again. It’s all that great content inside of it. A few Official URL extensions for LTs include – .asia, .zone, .co, and .com. . And if you’re lucky enough, then here you go with the unofficial ones:, .in, .lol, .ms, .org.Good luck for your first visit and download via LimeTorrents.

SeedPeer –

When it comes to those torrent finders that have generally a decent UI built with user-friendly functionalities, then SeedPeer is one of my top choices to recommend to newbies new to the torrent zone. SeedPeer, formerly known as the Meganova, has one of the best search engine for different torrent categories like movies, best exclusive shows and drama episodes, and tons of other entertainment media files.

I’m listing this one as one of the best contenders against Seven Torrentsis solely due to its vast cataloging user-interface including 8 main categories and having other 600 subcategories. You’ll absolutely enjoy downloading torrents from here and have a great time watching your favorite movies and dramas on-the-go.

Zooqle –

Zooqle is a comparatively a recent torrent downloading index offering a huge database to users for availing verified torrents. It consists of a unique and relatively an advanced torrent search engine that lets you filter and find results by files size, time sorting, genre categories and language. In addition, the torrent sites focuses on movies and exclusive TV series. Zooqle also offers a public API to receive torrent database info. The movie’s data is usually being offered by TMDb.

Zooqle, just a bit new in the torrent websites top league, which boasts nearly three million verified torrents for global users, has stayed under the radar for quite a few yearsand has kept growing. It’s definitely on our list for the best alternative to SevenTorrents Free Movies downloads.

RuTracker –

One of the most intense websites for downloading torrents and probably the best for Russians and those speaking and understanding the Kremlin’s land language. The website consists of around 24 categories and all of them are easily browse-able. You can choose from catalogues –Movies, Video & TV, Sport, Books & Magazines, Audio-Books, Video Tutorials, Software Design, all about Auto and Moto, For Mobiles, Medicine & Health, etc.

Sadly, the website is banned in Russia since 2015 due to surplus amount of downloads by users on a global scale, which was contained as a ‘foreign threat’ by governmental agencies i.e. hackers might lead to corrupted torrents, malicious magnet links, and so on.However, it was mistakenly shut down in 2013 due to negligible maintenance. Speaking as such, you cannot download torrents if you’re living in Russia or using a Russian IP address. But for certain, it’s definitely one of the biggest online archive to download your favorite movies, dramas, games, softwares, documentaries, and a lot more.

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