How to Delete Spyware from Your Mac?

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Every Mac user can appear in a difficult situation when their computer is attacked by a virus. Do not worry, it’s possible to get rid of this problem and forget about it if you follow our spyware removal tips. Feel free to read the article and keep your Mac clean from viruses and spyware without wasting your precious time!

Why Should You Stay Away from Spyware?

Spyware is a code that gets on your device and then sucks any personal data, including financial data, browser history, or even photos you made with your webcam. There are 4 types of spyware:

  • Adware. This is the most annoying spyware because it displays pop-up windows or adverts on your computer during your work. In general, this spyware cannot do big damage to your Mac but it’s better to get rid of it if it appears.
  • Trojan viruses. This sort of spyware looks like usual updates for your software and you may download them thinking this is something important. When the trojan is on your Mac, it gets access to your information and in general, it can bring a lot of damage to your computer.
  • Cookie trackers. It’s a spyware that tracks the history of a browser you use. Later, this data may be used by hackers for various reasons.
  • A keylogger. This is a code that is installed on your Mac without your knowing. It constantly tracks the keys pressed on your computer. In this simple way, a hacker can get your personal information like logins, passwords, bank card information, and other important data.

Remove Spyware Fast Without Stress

As you already understand, spyware can be damaging to your Mac as well as quite annoying. But it’s not so difficult to clean your computer from it without wasting time. Follow the next steps:

  1. Scan the Mac with trustworthy software. We recommend using CleanMyMac X because it protects your device from spyware, malware, ransomware, and other hacker attacks. When you scan your computer with this program, you may be sure that it will help to detect and neutralize all the viruses. You can download a free version just to try it out. Here are the steps to scan your Mac:
  • Download CleanMyMac X and launch the program.
  • Select Malware Removal.
  • Click the Scan button, and then click the Remove button.
  1. Make sure your computer is fully updated. Your Mac has a range of tools on it to remove malware and spyware, so you have to make sure it’s updated to the latest version. Here are the steps to check it out:
  • Enter the Apple menu and select About this Mac.
  • Select Software Update. If your computer hasn’t the latest version, you will be invited to make updates. Select Update and then follow the provided instructions.
  • If you have the latest updates and there is nothing to install, try to restart your computer to scan and remove spyware.
  1. View the folder with Mac applications. Go to Applications and review all the apps there. You may find some unknown programs, and if there are any of them, it’s necessary to uninstall these apps. Do not just move them to the Trash because they may still stay on your computer, but use CleanMyMac X to delete them. 
  2. Delete unused extensions of your browser. Sometimes spyware can be in browser extensions, and they may be installed without you knowing. View the extensions of your browser and delete those you do not need or you didn’t install.

For many computer users, spyware seems like something scary but we recommend using a reliable antivirus application to protect your Mac. And remember, even if you have noticed something suspicious on your computer, it’s always possible to restore data and get rid of viruses. We recommend installing and using CleanMyMac X as a trustworthy shield to protect your device!

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