Top 20 Free TV Video Online Proxy & Mirror Sites – Unblock ProjectFreeTV

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The biggest deal for online movie watchers that are always addicted to watching more than one film every day. Ever since ProjectFreeTV services became popular, millions of viewers from all over the world have glued their eyes on this biggest web portal “project-free-tv-ag” for watching their favorite movies online including dramas, shows, etc. Henceforth, making it impossible for many viewers to get a smooth online video streaming experience due to huge traffic on the website.

(Note: After the list of best Proxy & Mirror Sites for Projectfree TV, we will mention a step-by-step guide for unblocking the latter one with the easiest methods you could check out later).

So, in order to let all the internet crowd enjoy all at the same time with watching the best digital entertainment, we’ll be telling you the best proxy/mirror site list to hit the internet. Comprising around 20 Project Free TV like online proxy and mirror sites, you’ll be able to select the most suitable one that matches your taste and internet speed. So here we go:

Project Free TV Proxy & Mirror Sites


“The above proxy mirror sites to the ProjectFreeTV website ForGiva are some of the best domains According to Assignment Geek you could visit and find your favorite online content. In case you’re wondering to find out which one works best for watching Project Free TV online videos. I must tell you that it’s all up to your preference and choice for the link that suits and seems to be the most ideal one for you. Just make sure you save your favorite mirror links to your notepad file.”

Is Project Free TV Server Down Right Now?

The answer to this question isn’t an easy one. Since the internet is a far-reaching spectrum of digital devices and database, known of us is actually sure for what’s the reason behind Project Free TV Ag not working. However, the server might be down for these main reasons: either due to your country’s ISP and Government restrictions, the is shifted to another domain address by the owners, or the server has permanently been shut down for one reason or another.

Best Methods to Watch Unblocked Project Free TV Content

If you’re still a big fan for the Project Free TV Online content and you’re not looking for the best alternate platform to it, then the following ways might help you in order to unblock it:

Method 1: Use a VPN

Nowadays VPN is the most effective digital tool that is specifically designed to overcome URL domain issues that are blocked for some reasons. Using a VPN will make your online content easily accessible by its dynamic block-bypass methods, considering that it will take a bit moment to work out for its setup. And for better and enhanced functionalities you have to spend a little bit cash for the VPN paid versions. Keep this in mind that your private data on your system might get hacked and leaked, so it’s better to spend just a few bucks to save your data and coming days.

Method 2: Get access to directly via IP address (using hosts file)

We all know that computers are connected with each other on the internet and communicate with each other with their central locations. These locations in computer’s terminology is called an IP address. Hence, before your computer can connect to server, it requires to obtain’s IP address. This is how basically all those internet IP blockers work by simply altering these specific address codes, misleading your computers to another URL locations in return.

So in order to enjoy a flawless access to IP address, you need to make a few changes to your host files.

For Windows: “C:\WINDO


For Mac OS X: “/etc/hosts”.

Open this file with any writing software on your PC or any other device you’re using (Notepad on Windows and TextEdit on Mac OS X are generally preferred. Now tag the following lines to it:

Method 3: Using Google Translate

Not everyone recognizes what this actually means i.e. Google Translate is probably a proxy itself. Just visit, choose your required language as the main source input language (English), and enter: “” into the field and hit “Translate” button.

The best part to it is that most censored blockers don’t even realize that Google Translate is, at all times, mostly unblocked. Regretfully, the online problem arises when using this for blockers is that all internet proxies tend to break the functionality of several websites.

Method 4: Using Public DNS Servers

You can use DNS – an integral Internet’s infrastructure that lets you request ways for your computer to connect to the IP address it’s struggling to connect with. For instance, looking to connect to Projectfree TV (or any other required website). Stealing or borrowing ‘DNS requests’ is the most frequently used method to enable ‘Internet filtering.’

Usually the ISP servers are provided by the ISP Government, but you can alter its settings and use DNS Servers in return. These servers are generally operated by neutral parties free of censorship.

In order to check out if your computer is subjected to DNS-based filtering, type in the following:

For Windows: Click on Start Menu > Run, type “cmd” and hit Enter.

For a Mac: Run Terminal from Applications menu > Utilities. Now a console window will open. Type in “ping” and hit Enter.

The numbers shown in square bracket (“” for our e.g.) is the IP address of server. If there’s any difference to the code other than ‘’, it means your DNS requests are being hijacked.

For unblocking after this situation, the Google’s public DNS would be a better option for you.

Note: Changing your computer DNS settings requires administrative access to your computer.

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