Is Microsoft Certification Suitable for Starters in IT Industry?

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For many starters in IT industry, the first question is choosing which kind of examination.

I think Microsoft Certification is a good choice.

The reasons are as follows: MS is the most widely used, that is to say, the possibility of using what you have learned now in the future is very high. Take CISCO as an example, suppose you have passed the CCNP certification as a fresh graduate. But do employers want to employ you? First of all, he will ask where your CCNP experience comes from, because as a student, there are not many opportunities to use CISCO equipment. MS is different. You can install windows 2003 on an ordinary PC. It is more credible when you mention your working experience on MS to the employer. In addition, unless you find a company like Telecom, generally speaking, even if a company has a CISCO device, it is often after debugging and putting it there for a year without changing the settings, and the company does not have to use the CISCO device. MS is different. You have to deal with servers and workstations every day.

Here are some suggestions to prepare for the microsoft certifications practice test. First, find a good set of teaching materials, read them carefully, and do experiments if possible. Now everyone’s computer configuration is of high-level, you can install virtual machine and use it for experiment.

For the choice of teaching materials, I strongly recommend the English version. Although some subjects have Chinese topics, I still recommend you to take the English test. The first reason is that Chinese translation is often inaccurate. Sometimes it is better to read English than Chinese. In addition, the latest Microsoft certification dumps are all in English. The most important point is that as a qualified technician, English is a must. Because a large number of the latest technical materials are in English. In fact, computer English is relatively simple. After all, it only requires reading ability.

Then Let’s Talk About  A Sensitive Question — Whether And How To Use The Dumps.

My suggestion is that you’d better use the dumps, unless you are rich in money and time. Many people think that the use of the dumps will not accumulate experience. In fact, it mainly depends on whether you have seriously studied each topic. If you just simply recite, then you really won’t have much improvement. My suggestion is to take the dumps as an examination in advance, complete each question carefully, and test your accuracy. In addition, now some of the dumps are often amazingly large, often hundreds of pages of thousands of questions, so only by simple mechanical recitation works absolutely worse than memorizing by understanding.

I recommend SPOTO’ s Microsoft dumps. The coverage rate of its dumps can reach 100%, and the accuracy rate is generally 100%. Now the number of questions is relatively small, and the accuracy rate is relatively high.

My experience is, first of all, do the questions in the dumps carefully, and then quickly memorize the dumps two or three times on this basis. The so-called fast memory is not to look at the title description, but only to look at the question and the answer, and then choose the answer, if you are not sure about the answer, then look at the title description.

SPOTO’ s dumps can make you pass the exam easily. The dumps is an auxiliary tool for you to pass the exam. If you have any questions, visit the SPOTO website for more information.

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