Top 5 Job Opportunities in the USA If You Love Writing

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Being a writer is not an easy job. Sometimes you need to have a day off to refresh your skills. You often experience writer-block, and you get unable to compose a single sentence. Furthermore, you just want to lock yourself in a room to recollect your thoughts. This happens to almost every writer regardless of his expertise.

And even after considering all of this, if you still prefer to be a scribbler, then you are at the right place. Because in this article, we are going to tell you how you can get your desired job if you are fond of writing.

Five Jobs for the Love of Writing

Writing is what keeps you close to the world even if you are an introvert. Because it includes reading. You can never be good at this job if you don’t have a habit of reading. It helps you to form your opinions and perspectives about certain things.

Building a career in this field gives you the leverage of understanding many subjects. That’s the reason why this domain is vast enough to assimilate every kind of knowledge.

However, writing has many layers but we are going to nail down five branches you can try your luck in!

Creative Content Writer

Creative content writing is considered to be one of the most interesting fields in this whole domain because it covers so many areas of it. When you compose something that purely consists of your thoughts and expression that is what you can refer to as creativity.

This job is some of the highest paying jobs in the USA because people here love to read creative content. Even if you are composing a blog or an article, add a little creativity to it, that thing is surely going to be viral.

If you have an innovative and artistic approach, this can be your thing. Because magazines, websites, newspapers mostly depend on creative content writers. You might be thinking, this is it but no! Even this discipline has so many subdivisions. It includes email writing, press release, composing ads, podcasts, scripts, and ghostwriting. It’s quite a kingdom itself. You can get your cover letter or a resume made from a professionals at Sydney resumes and begin your journey as a creative content writer.


A good author is someone who can oversee any script so well that there’s no loophole left. No piece of writing gets published just like that unless it goes through a complete analysis and that’s what editing is all about.

It’s just like dissection. If you are going to opt for this job just remember, you’ll be seeing piles of documents on your table. Being an editor means you have to keep an eagle eye on every tiny detail. Apart from eliminating unnecessary details, you are also going to check that everything is grammatically correct and in its place.
It is a demanding job and a little tough than composing scripts or writing ads because you work as a critic too. Once the script gets out of the writer’s hand, you are the one who is going to endorse the final draft. So, be sure if you are up for that.

Content Marketing Manager

If you want to go for the post of content marketing manager, make sure you have leadership qualities. Yes, other expertise matters too. But this job needs more than that.

First off, the manager must look after and manage everything and a content marketer is someone who creates beneficial content, proposes ideas, plans the whole thing, and is in charge of executing it. Now join them together. It takes a lot of practice and time to get experienced in this domain.

If you think you have the ability and thirst for this adventurous post, you have so many opportunities within the USA. You can go for it!


Freelancing is the most interesting and less-exhausting job. You don’t need to follow the 9-5 rule, you can work from anywhere and anytime you want. And freelance writers tend to earn more than the normal full-day jobholders. There are so many things you can do in freelancing. But, if you are specifically looking for penmanship then you can take a slow step by composing CVs. Because so many job seekers prefer to buy resume online. They hire professional CV writers from freelancing platforms and make them write documents and resumes.

Freelancing is a tricky business but once you learn how to tackle clients and obtain projects, it gets easier.


If you are capable of attracting customers and engaging an audience through your writing skills then you should give copywriting a shot. A copywriter is someone good at composing marketing content for a business website.

Your ad scripts or blogs need to be good enough to provide every piece of information about certain products. It should convince them to make a purchase. That is how copywriting works.

Doesn’t it sound like marketing? Well, you are going to be producing a lot of marketing content in this field so, if you think it’s your cup of tea, then step ahead and take a sip.


Being a writer is all about hunting for a perfect job that suits you. And when you have too much competition, it gets a lot harder than it seems. You can go for any job if you have never opted for this sort of job in your life through But once you get into penmanship, no other work excites you anymore.

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