How to Get Free Internet Security?

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The internet is a very helpful and magnificent technology that has completely transformed our lives for the better. This is because of the super adaptable nature of the internet, which has allowed it to seamlessly penetrate our daily lives through its insertion into all existing gadgets and technologies that we use on day to day basis.

From work to education, to corporate and leisure activities, all of which have some kind of internet use in them. That is why we are entirely dependent on it because no matter what we do or where we go our interactions with machines or even other people, it’s happening over the internet. The internet is the main backbone of all communication lines whether local or long-distance. You just pick out a field and look into it, and you’ll realize that the internet is present there is some way shape, or form.

This is a fact that the internet is a beneficial technology and has provided us with countless modern means of going by our lives by significantly reducing the cost factor and introducing automation for ease and convenience. This was a thing that we already experienced during the pandemic when the internet was the sole technology taking charge of handling the world’s infrastructure.

People were working over the internet, getting an education online, complete business was conducted on the web, the internet was the primary source of news and information, and communication-wise the internet was a priority. We have seen all this and we have also experienced the sheer potential of the internet as well. But at the end of the day, it is just like any other technology which along with its merits has its demerits as well.

However, talking about the cons of the internet, they are scary, to say the least. Because the internet is such a powerful technology its bad usage can be devastating. Consider the internet as a dual-edged sword whose abilities lie in the hand of the wielder, for use in a positive aspect can bring a lot of change for the good, while if used negatively can cause utmost destruction with a click of a button. And the unfortunate state of affairs is that not everyone present on the internet has the best of intentions, and many presents on the internet are just there to make a fool out of naïve users for monetary gains. That is why it is recommended to always take precautions when using the internet because nobody really knows where these cybercriminals are lurking on the web.

Importance of Internet Security

Daily we hear news of cybercriminals performing ghastly acts from the anonymous veil of the internet. These attacks range from financial thefts, credit card frauds, identity theft, breach of personal data, or even digital attacks on sensitive firms like the military and intelligence agencies called cyber espionage. So we see that not only the average person but everyone present on the internet is at risk. That is why in times like these it is essential to have internet security.

Today many internet providers also offer internet security as a standard perk. For example in the case of Suddenlink, all of Suddenlink packages for the internet have built-in security for user’s protection. Because even service providers now know how potentially dangerous it can be to use the internet without any protective measures.

Protection has also become necessary because ever since the pandemic the number of internet users has increased quite a bit. Since everything was done on the internet, people who didn’t have the internet before were also forced to get one. And a majority of these new internet users are people of old age who are starting out with this technology for probably the first time. These new users are not that tech-savvy, and can easily get into the traps laid out by these cybercriminals. 

But since internet security doesn’t come cheap and many are not even in the financial state to spend extra money on it. This causes a huge dilemma for the general user because the internet is also quite essential today and is risky to use without protection. This is precisely the reason why we have written this article, to find a solution to this dilemma.   

Free Internet Security Options

The below-mentioned list has a couple of tips through which users can get top-notch internet security without paying anything extra.

Free Versions of Internet Security

This is rather a quite simple solution because almost every major internet security provider has a free version that anyone can use. This version might not have a full feature set but still, there are many security providers whose free security software has adequate tools to provide users with a basic level of protection. These free security suites provide surface-level protection and a user can easily surf the web and do their daily tasks securely as long as they are not dwelling in some professional territory or monetary activities on the internet.

Subscribing to Trial Versions of Paid Internet Security Software

This is another suggestion that might sound illegal but isn’t. Just like free versions almost every internet security platform has a trial period for users to test out full fledge service free of cost for a certain time period. These trial durations can range from a few days to months depending on the company. The best part is that even in trial versions many security suites offer a complete level of protection with all their security features available to use. Just in case, if the trial expires, users can switch to a new company and start using their trial version. Although this might be a temporary solution, still it can allow you to gain time and save money so that you can actually buy the full version in the future.

Built-In Security from the Service Provider

This is something that we have already discussed above. Considering the sensitive nature of the internet and the threats present on the web many internet service providers have also started offering internet security suites that are built into the internet connection. These types of internet security services are mostly free of cost and cover all the devices present on the network. Although these suites only provide basic protection still they are better than free security suites. The best part is that not only they are free, but they come with an internet connection so no additional software is needed to be installed and all the devices are protected that are present on that connection. 

Final Words

Internet security is essential today with our increasing dependence on the internet it should be ensured that we are using this service securely. However, this is also a fact that internet security suites don’t come cheap and many people don’t have the financial resources to afford them. That is why we have written this article containing helpful tips for readers on how they can secure their connection without spending anything.

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