How to Be a Freelance Programmer – Tips from Experts

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Freelancing is a lifestyle. It brings a lot of positive and negative aspects of life. It is suitable not for all people but can be a rescue in some life situations. Let’s think together about the character traits of the person that are good for freelancing. 

What Is Perfect For Programming Freelance Specialists

Programming Freelance
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  • Self-organization. This is important for every profession but for freelance programmers it is vital. If you can’t wake up for a meeting, clean your home even if nobody sees it, do workouts a few times a week, freelancing will be impossible for you. One day you can stop work at all because you are tired, don’t feel the energy, have an inappropriate mood and a lot of other reasons. 
  • Planning skills. Freelance gives freedom but requests strict planning at the same time. If you don’t want to be surprised by the result of the week or month you must write plans carefully. There are a lot of online planners that help with it and you can code your own if you feel the necessity. 
  • Responsibility. When you sit at home and don’t see the people you promised to do your job qualified and in time, it decreases responsibility. To be a good professional you must care about the result a lot and strive even more than office workers. Because their boss will be responsible for the result in the end, but you are your boss and your mistakes are all yours. 
  • Setting goals. Can you formulate your profession and finance goals? What kind of specials do you plan to be in five years and what should you do for it? If you can answer these questions easily you will become a successful freelance programmer without any doubt. 

If you feel that the list above is about you and you can try freelance, there is some advice from expert programmers at, a homework service that helps students and young specialists with doing their coding assignments of any complexity, on how to become successful at it.

The List Of Tips From Professionals To Make You A Great Freelancer

  1. Write a plan for the day and follow it. Write a detailed work plan and count how many hours you need for it. You will not do it the whole time because it will appear in your mind on its own but this skill will come only with experience. For the start write and follow and don’t forget that there are only 24 hours in the day and you need to sleep and to eat too. 
  2. Make a schedule of daily tasks not related to work for when you are free. It is so simple to interrupt yourself when the deal is so small. For example, to turn on the dishwasher or robot vacuum cleaner. It seems like a quick task but it switches your mind off and destroys your working mood. Imagine you are not at home so it is impossible to do all these things. 
  3. Ask someone to control your progress. Not only planners must control your work process. If you have a mentor who asks you from time to time about long and short goals and you care about his opinion it is good. Some freelancers even hire such specialists but we propose you to start with a close friend or relative who is interested in your success. 
  4. Organize the workspace and change clothes every day. It is necessary for an atmosphere that stimulates brain activity. Separate work and private questions is a good habit for any person but for freelancers, it is a part of the system to work better. It is perfect when you have a cabinet for work and don’t feel the smells of the kitchen or don’t see your favourite bed, but not all have so much space. So try to organize your small area anyway. 
  5. Make a finance plan. We all work for different reasons but money unites us. If you don’t want to be surprised about rent payments, insurance payments and others at the end of the month you must plan how much money you need and where you will take it from. Ask for prepayments for your job if it is possible. Ask for splits of payments also. Control finance flows for own safety and serenity. 
  6. Never forget to rest at least 1 day a week. Work is good but the rest is the best. Never forget to rest. We don’t mean to make a few hours pause, we mean a full day without work. In another case, you can get sick and start to hate your job. 
  7. Go out with friends instead of online communication. Use your day off to go out and meet people. Programming requires only online communication without interruption. But to see people, nature and visit parents is so important for every person so don’t forget it. 
  8. Make savings in case of unpredictable situations. The danger of Freelance Programmer is that you are not protected by your employer. You won’t get the 13th salary or bonus. Paid leave is not about you also. So savings is the answer. They are very helpful so never neglect them. 

What Will You Get For Efforts That Lead You To A Freelancer Lifestyle?

If you are sure that you can handle all these recommendations we believe that your life as a freelancer will be great. You can schedule your vacation when it is comfortable for you. You can sleep all day and work at night if it is perfect for you.

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