Ditch Your Fax Machine Now! Send And Receive Faxes From Home To Anywhere Online For Free!

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Nowadays, businesses are trying to decrease their unnecessary expenses. For this reason, several smart solutions are available to increase your savings. If you want to ditch your fax machine, you can do it now because online fax services are available.

A bulky fax machine is an outdated and slow method to send and receive faxes. You have to arrange a phone line, a bundle of papers, and a toner to use a fax machine. With the use of online fax solutions, you can get rid of all these expenses.

With the help of reliable online fax service, such as CocoFax, fax transmission will be effortless and secure. It enables you to send and receive faxes from home to anywhere online for free.

CocoFax – Highly Recommended Service

For transmission of fax without a fax machine, CocoFax is a trustworthy brand. The procedure is straightforward to use this service. Beginners can create a free account to get a free trial for one month. Moreover, you will get your free fax number.


No doubt, fax is secure and reliable than email. For this reason, businesses need this service to send their relevant documents. It is easy to send faxes to anywhere around the world without a phone line and a fax machine.

It has more than one million satisfied users all over the world. With the help of CocoFax, they are successfully managing their business communication without a fax machine. There is no need always to have an active internet connection.

CocoFax enables you to send and receive faxes as per your convincing. Remember, it allows you to receive a fax from a printer. CocoFax gets acknowledgment from the New York Times, Toms Guide, Life Hacker, Life wire, and Android Authority.

Use a Web Browser to Send Fax Without a Fax Machine

If you want to send a fax from PC or smartphone, you can use a web browser. See these easy and simple steps:

Step 01 – In the first step, get your free fax number. CocoFax will offer you this number at the time of sign up. Remember, you will need a fax number if you want to receive and send a fax through different mediums.

Step 02 – Log in to the account of CocoFax and access the dashboard. Tap on the “Send Fax” button to open a window to compose your fax.


Step 03 – To create your fax, type in the fax number of the receiver in the “To” section. Carefully type a cover page and some notes if necessary. Finally, you have to attach a document in a supported format, such as jpg, png, pdf, xlsx, xls, docx, and doc.

Step 04 – Click on a “Send” button and let the CocoFax do its work. Remember, CocoFax will receive your fax and transmit your message to its receiver. After a successful transmission, you will get the notification in the inbox.

CocoFax will forward these notifications to your registered email address. You are free to send a fax message to more than one person as per your needs.

Use Email to Send Faxes

To ditch a fax machine, you can use your email to send and receive faxes. Keep it in mind that you have to use the same email address registered with CocoFax. You can click on the “Compose a Mail” option to create new fax.

In the “To” field, you will write a fax number of the receiver along with @cocofax.com. You will attach a document that you want to fax and draft your cover page. CocoFax will dial the fax number of the receiver to transmit this message.

Similarly, you will receive your faxes in the inbox of email or dashboard. You can check these messages at your convenience. Moreover, fax documents will be available in the attachment in pdf format.


Finally, you can learn how to ditch your fax machine. In the presence of online fax services like CocoFax, things are really easy. There is no need to pay extra money for a telephone line or maintenance of a fax machine. CocoFax allows you to send faxes without any particular machine.

To test their services, you can start your free subscription. CocoFax is a reliable name for business and freelancers. If you are working from home, you can trust on CocoFax to communicate with your client.

This efficient and secure service will help you to increase your productivity. Want to know more about CocoFax, visit its official website.

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