All You Need to Know About Anime Heaven?

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If you are looking for a site where you can watch anime all day long, then Anime Heaven is what you are seeking for! Anime is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining things in today’s digital era. It is more than being cartoons – and it is definitely not just for kids. As the originality of anime comes from Japan, today, anime is popular all around the world. Only a true anime fan knows, what anime means and what’s it’s worth. There are various websites which allow you to watch anime, but to consider the best one out of the list, Anime Heaven is surely a heaven for the anime fans.

Why Anime Heaven?


Anime Heaven is a site which allows you to stream anime, for free! Anime Heaven has a massive collection of anime, which is regularly updated and can be sorted easily according to the genre and latest releases. The anime from 1970s can still be found on Anime Heaven. You can find the categories of dubbed, anime, series, movies, popular and ongoing right at the homepage of Anime Heaven, which would make it easier to opt for the one that you are looking for.

Now, you can watch anime cartoons along with your siblings or friends, any time of the day. Streaming of HD videos on Anime Heaven is another classic blessing. Be it English or subbed, you can enjoy watching anime at the best quality with an amazing streaming speed.

Interface and Mobile UI of Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven is available for windows. The interface of the site is super easy and user-friendly. The search bar is right at the home page, which doesn’t make you wander around looking for the search bar. All the categories are placed at the top right, all you have to do is explore them and choose the anime that you have been looking for. Anime Heaven is easy to use and welcomes new users with ease and flexibility.

Along with the availability for windows, Anime Heaven is also mobile friendly. You can download the app on your mobile and use it super easily. The mobile app is synced with the site, which ensures the updated content on the app as well. You can now stream anime online even when you are free at work or during your college hours as well. By the way, wouldn’t you just love to own a classic black leather jacket for these winters?

Is Anime Heaven legal?

It depends, if you are a watcher on Anime Heaven, then it is legal for you. The content that is uploaded on Anime Heaven is uploaded by streamers who doesn’t have the copyright to the content, so it makes it illegal for the streamers and not for you.

So, you can enjoy anime along with your friends without any fear. You aren’t doing anything illegal.

Advantages of watching anime on Anime Heaven

As Anime Heaven has a massive collection of anime, it is a pleasure to stream anime online and watch in HD quality. There are several advantages of watching anime on Anime Heaven, some of them are listed below:

  • Amazing picture quality

You can watch the videos in HD quality. Anime Heaven offers video quality from 240p to 1080p. 

  • English subbed and dubbed

English subbed and dubbed anime is easily accessible on Anime Heaven.

  • Massive collection of anime

You can choose anime from different categories such as, horror, comedy, romance, fighting and much more.

  • Watch for free

The videos can be streamed for free! No cost on watching anime, at all!

  • Web and Mobile UI

The site of Anime Heaven is mobile friendly.

Is Anime Heaven Shutting Down?
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Anime Heaven is certainly the most beautifully designed websites which allows to stream anime at a great speed and an HD quality, but it is true, that the site will be shutting down on 25th of December, 2019. The reason for the shutting down of Anime Heaven is copy strike and others as well.

All the main servers will be shutting down and from that day onwards, no data will be approachable by the users. For a true anime fan, it must be a saddening news to hear about the shutting down of Anime Heaven. Though it was one of the best sites where you could stream and watch anime with an HD quality of video, still there are several other websites that can be used as an alternate to Anime Heaven. Some of the alternatives that you check out are: KissAnime, AnimeHeros, 9Anime, AnimeVibe and many others.


Only a true anime knows what it means to dedicate their time and concentration to anime. Anime is just not a cartoon that kids can watch in their spare time, anime is meaningful and strong content. Anime Heaven is certainly one of the best websites that anime users have been using until now, but as it is closing down soon, we surely have to come up some other alternative website to watch anime, right?

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