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Unobtrusive, hot, exquisite, and business-minded are the terms used to portray her. Meet Brandi Passante an American TV character most popular for showing up nearby her significant husband, Jarrod Schulz, on Storage Wars and on her own show called ‘Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job. Brandi is also a businesswoman and maintains her business with her husband. She is portrayed as a consistent individual who likes to keep things stable and doesn’t go for hurried business choices. Brandi’s ascent to distinction began when she took part in the unscripted TV drama “Storage Wars” with her husband, with the expectation of getting some storage units for their “Now and Then” Thrifts Store in Orange, California. During the show, the two end up being extremely discerning bidders and rose among the stars in the show. The acclaim picked up from the reality TV drama gave them a lift and they had the option to open another shop beside the one they ran. Their appearance on Storage Wars likewise prompted the development of the reality TV drama Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job which centers solely on them.

Brandi Passante’s Initial Life and Education

Brandi Passante was born on sixteenth May 1980 in Harris Country, Texas as Brandi Leigh Passante. Very little is known about her parents or her childhood life, however, she is accepted to be of North-American descent. Essentially, with regards to her private life, not much is known as she seldom discusses it to the media or open. Brandi’s talent for business is constantly connected with her Texan roots. Her success is credited to her practicality and capacity to repurpose things and capacity barters.

Brandi Passante’s Career 

Brandi’s first employment was in 1999 as a carpet cleaner. During this period, she met Jarrod Schulz, with whom she began her first business “Now and Then” store in Orange, California. When growing up, Brandi Passante had no plans of going into reality television. In actuality, she constantly wanted to be a chef. Be that as it may, with guidance from Schulz’s mom, she chose to take on the reality television way, and it, in the end, paid off. Passante’s profession as a reality television character started when she showed up on Storage Wars with the point of getting some helpful stuff for her store at economical rates. The show’s principal intention was to sell extra closet things whose lease had not been paid for at least three months. At the point when she previously showed up, Passante ended up being an exceptionally careful bidder and before the finish of the show, she was among the stars. Brandi has shown up in the show from that point forward. Her appearance in the demonstrate likewise prompted her opening up a second “Now and Then” store and an idea in a star television show Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job concentrating only on her and her better half. Brandi was also cast for a talk show called Rachel Ray in 2006.

Brandi Passante

Height, weight, and Body Measurements

Brandi is around 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 78 kilograms. She has a body estimation of 41-27-39 inches and has light darker hair and her eye shading is obscure. 

Brandi Passante’s Net worth 

Brandi Passante’s total assets are assessed at $2.5 million yet her pay is obscure. The vast majority of her riches have been obtained throughout the years for her appearance on reality television shows and maintaining her business. Being a vital businesswoman, Passante has had the option to accumulate a portion of her riches from procuring storage units at a reasonable arrangement and selling them at a profit.

Brandi Passante’s Personal Life

Brandi is a mother of two stunning kids (Camren Schulz and Payton Schulz) and as of now lives in California. Allegedly, she is an incredible mother who discovers time for her kids keeping in mind that permitting them to have a private life. During her leisure time, Passante invests quality time playing with her kids and making goodies for them. Brandi is likewise an incredible cook who motivates her family to rehearse good dieting. Incidentally, one would expect that the brilliant and business-oriented Brandi Passante would be into Golf as it is the custom, yet she has openly declared her dislike for the game. Another fascinating reality about Passante is that she never wears any lipstick. She says it would “look strange” on her “chicken lips.”

Brandi Passante

Controversies & Scandals

Perhaps the best debate about Passante is the point at which it developed that she was previously a stripper, a reality that she has since denied. Brandi Passante turned into the subject of debate when a porn site creator Hunter Moore posted an offensive video on his site,, guaranteeing the lady included there was Brandi. Stunned by the charge, Passante documented a claim against Moore, requesting $2.5 million in damages. Despite the fact that she won, she was granted just $750. While the appointed authority discovered Moore at risk, they didn’t believe that Passante had given enough proof to legitimize $2.5 million claimed damages.

Other than her professional; life, Passante is a genuinely private individual and is once in a while observed posting or offering remarks about her own life.

Has She Dated Anyone Before Jarrod?

Brandi Passante is married to Jarrod Schulz with whom she has two youngsters Camren Schulz and Payton Schulz.  Brandi met her better half in 1999 through a common friend while working for a carpet cleaning business and they have been one from that point forward. Obviously, the two didn’t hit off from the start and theirs was not cherished from the first sight. Jarrod claims that it was Brandi who sought after him, a reality that she fervently denies. In fact, Jarrod was Brandi’s boss and in this manner was not expected to seek after her. With everything taken into account, there is no uncertainty that the two venerate one another and they are accomplices in marriage, yet additionally in business. It is rumored that Brandi has never dated any other person; however, she really likes John Cusack.

Storage War Star Brandi In Provocative Poses 

For as long as not many weeks, Storage Wars fans are considering what is new with Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz. A few fans are expecting that the couple split. They were one for almost 20 years. However, they never married. As fans know, they have two kids. A large portion of all, can their partition influence the chance of a Storage Wars Season 13?  The main markers that something has definitely changed in Brandi Passante’s life are her photographs. Before, she shared healthy photographs with her family. Brandi has consistently been captured looking delightful and grinning with her children, Jarrod and even superstars in recent months, Brandi has totally changed her internet based life look. Right off the bat, she has changed her name to Brandi Leigh. She has gone from a hot reality TV drama mother to provocative Instamodel. Brandi is presently posting a great deal of uniquely sultry selfies. What has made fans think about what everything was going on was when Brandi shared one pic of herself in a swimsuit, and another, sprinkling herself enticingly against a champaign container? This accumulated plenty of online remarks from fans inquiring as to whether Storage Wars is returning, in the event that she split from Jarrod, and on the off chance that she is searching for affection.

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