Top 5 Best iPhone Keylogger in 2020

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Keylogger is becoming a raging tool on the iPhone. It offers unparalleled convenience in logging your core personal activities on the phone. Further, it also is an efficient tool in keeping a tab on your loved ones.

An iPhone Keylogger is essentially a program that allows one to record all their keystrokes (usernames, passwords, messages, etc.) on their iPhone. 

While the most powerful iPhone keylogger is available on Spyine, let’s find out about the top 5 best iPhone keyloggers in 2020. 

How Does Keylogger Help?

Yes, it allows you to keep a record of your keystrokes. No, its usability is not just limited to that. It helps one take care of and curb the suspense in many respects:

  • People can keep a tab on the activities of their children and what all they are up to with their iPhones
  • People can ascertain the loyalty of their employees towards their business
  • People can ensure the protection of their iPhones from malicious attempts

Top 5 iPhone Keyloggers of 2020

Its 2020 and development in iPhone keyloggers has seen an all-time high. But can you rely on any iPhone keylogger? No. To cut the chase and ensure maximum usage out of a tool as potent as a keylogger, below is the list of Top 5 iPhone keyloggers of 2020:


Spyine is a keylogger genie that will work at your command. The interface is efficient and the multiplicity of usage is astounding for the users. 

The remote access to iPhones of your loved ones allows you to see discreet information of the messages your loved ones delete or type but don’t send, etc.

Spyine is essentially a web-based platform that allows users to access iPhones and keylog the activities of their loved ones without them knowing. It has received accolades from prime critiques like Mashable, BBC, Tech Times, and Reader’s Digest.

spyine iphone keylogger

It’s essentially a web-based requiring no need to even touch the target phone you intend to keylog. You can access the app from a web browser with just knowing the iCloud credentials of the concerned person. 

Spyine offers supreme secrecy and anonymity as you never need to jailbreak into the intended device. It allows offers a first-hand view of the keystrokes of the users that includes the following:

  • A log of all messages. It also shows the deleted messages, messages that were typed but never sent, and other such keystrokes by the users.
  • A log of all the iMessages and any photos or videos that were shared 
  • A log of the web browser with complete detail of the sites that have been visited and for how long.
  • A log of all note-apps that have been used by the users to record notes
  • A log of locations that the users have visited with geographical coordinates and precise history.

Needless to say, you could fulfill all your remote access requirements available on Spyine. The astounding user reviews will speak for itself.


Spyier is another iPhone keylogger that is very user-friendly. The stealth mode it works on makes it efficiently clandestine on the iPhone. The security it renders has made it popular with many trusted users for a long time. 

Message, iMessage, Email, and Note monitoring is possible with spyier. It also allows you to discover the GPS location of the user.

Media files, including social media, can be accessed. The goodness of its design and budget-friendliness makes it a popular iPhone Keylogger choice.



Minspy is again a reliable iPhone Keylogger alternative. It offers a good stealth mode and can be accessed remotely. Monitoring of Messages, iMessages, social media activity can be done with this web-based app. 

Further, the tracking of GPS based movements of the users is possible. The ease of its use and the plethora of tracking and monitoring services offered make it a very popular iPhone Keylogger. Hence, it effortlessly makes it to the top 3.


Spyic enjoys worldwide popularity and a fan base. Logging into iPhone’s messages and iMessages becomes easy, even accessing the deleted ones becomes a piece of cake.

Checking the browser history, notes, email, and locations are just other discreet bells and whistles that this app offers.


It offers a fine line of attractive tracking features and is essentially a monitoring boon. Spyic definitely ensures that the best usage of iPhone keylogging is experienced here.


Cocospy essentially works on all newest iPhone versions and is getting very popular as an iPhone keylogger. You could also view more info about iPhone keylogger on Neatspy.

It has been around for quite a while and has won over the trust of many users. The app is relatively easy to use with seamless setup and no jailbreak requirement.

You can keylog many activities from event calendars, messages, and even social media apps like Whatsapp. The information remains discreet but the multiple features will immediately have you hooked. 


Keylogger is definitely an attractive feature. It ensures data compilation and also offers an array of usability with respect to monitoring and tracking your loved ones. It acts as data storage of all key activities the users indulge in.

As a user, there is a lot that can be traced and monitored through the iPhone Keylogging feature. Spyine wins hands down as the most powerful keylogger. A brilliant user interface and multiple functionalities are available on Spyine. 

As a web-based app, Spyine turns out to be the most coveted iPhone keylogger alternative. The varied plans it has to offer makes it an economical way out into ensuring that your loved ones are safe and sound. 

To keep a tab on your loved ones or to ensure that the interest of your employee’s vests in your business, Spyine is the best source.

As a user, you will get assurance and truthful picture of the actual state of affairs. Developing trust takes time, and Spyine can act as a good catalyst into it.

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